Texas Hold'em Poker

With the advent of TV and online Poker, this is now a very popular game.  Its a variation of normal poker (the same hands win) but with modifications that make it much more edgy and, above all, fun.  Each player is dealt two cards and has to make their initial bet based on those.  They may make an increased bet (raise), match another player's bet (stand) or drop out of the round (fold).  Then three community cards are shown by the dealer in the centre of the table (the flop).  All players can use the flop as part of their hand.  Another round of betting occurs and any players still in get to see the next community card (the turn card).  Another round of betting takes place and any remaining players get to see the final card (the river).  The winner of all bets on the table (the pot) is the one with the best poker hand made up of his own two cards and any cards from the community set.  Alternatively, a cunning player may be able to win the pot by bluffing.

If all that sounds complicated, don't let it put you off.  The game is very easy to learn.  A great combination of skill and luck.

Texas Hold'em Poker Full Sized 8 Player Tables

Our Texas Holdem Poker tables are eight player oval tables with all the equipment needed to make your poker game a full fun experience.  Run by our dealer for 3 hours, you will have quality playing cards, heavy casino chips and all the necessary ancillaries (dealer, small blind, big blind buttons, playing guide, detailed rules, etc.) 

These tables give a real sense of luxury and comfort with 15cm suede padded rails around the playing area.  If you need the event to be of a longer duration, this can be arranged at additional cost.

Your guests don't need to be experts - our dealers and the event manager are always on hand to help and are more than happy to explain any aspect of the game.  Also, you can download our playing guides in advance if you prefer.  A great addition to any fun event.

Texas Holdem table in play at sponsored Charity Fundraiser

James Bondd 007 themed Texas Holdem table eventIn this event, held for a birthday party at Swindon Rugby Football Club, everyone had made a big effort dressing-up for the 007 James Bond themed event. Some (as can be seen from the photo left) had dressed as characters from the James Bond films.

Action at the Texas Holdem table was hot, with many players at the table falling victim to one or other of the many 007 agents at the table.  Great fun to watch.

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 Last modified: July 30 2009.