Roulette Tables

This glamorous casino game is surprisingly easy to play. All our roulette tables come complete with a Guide to Playing and the Rules.  Just add playing guests for lots of fun!

Our  Roulette hire option is the full-on thing!  Take a look at the equipment list below:-
  • trained dealer running your table for 3 hours
  • full sized roulette table
  • fun money to allow your guests to buy chips
  • 2,000 coloured casino heavyweight chips (11.5g) (200 chips per player)
  • pearlescent ivory '50' value, red '100', orange '200' value, yellow '500' and blue '1,000' value (for paying out the bigger winners)
  • 'High Roller' plaques for those really big winners! (10,000 - 100,000 funs).
  • full size roulette wheel
  • win marker
  • rules and playing guide
  • individual player QuickPrompt guides
full-sized roulette table at Vitners Hall, London

Roulette table as part of a suite of 6 tables for a Deutsche Bank customer event held at the famous Vintners Hall, London.  The silverware on display is priceless and is dated back as far as the 1600's.

Roulette table with guests in fromal dress

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 Last modified: July 30 2009.