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Our casino table hire service is particularly popular around holiday times like Christmas, New Year and Easter, so plan ahead a little in order to avoid disappointment. Have a look through the options below and see what casino equipment you'd like to try.  When you're ready, go through to our enquiry section and get in touch using one of the options. We provide a full range of casino rentals and can supply a wide range of casino tables for hire.

Roulette A very traditional casino game, frequently seen in the 007 James Bond films, Casino Royale, Oceans' 11 etc.  Each player makes one or more bets (using wheel check chips) on the various numbers on the table. The dealer spins the Roulette wheel and rolls a ball in the opposite direction. When the ball finally lands in a number slot, the game is up and the lucky ones are paid their winnings.  A very addictive game and a real crowd pleaser at any casino party.  You can easily have up to 8 simultaneous players on a roulette table.  Great fun for everyone.  Even the kids like this one!  It only takes a few minutes to get the hang of it.  Have a look at our Casino-To-Go Roulette options.  All of our Roulette tables are supplied with a printed set of rules and our dealers are more than happy to explain how to play.  We provide a full range of casino rentals and can supply a wide range of casino tables for hire.  Roulette options
Black Jack A casino classic.  You may know the game as 'Pontoon' or 'Vingt-et-un'.  Black Jack is the popular variation.  The aim is to have cards that add up to 21 or less as long as you beat the dealer's hand.  A Black Jack table has places for 7 players and a dealer (croupier).  For a bigger event, you may wish to hire several Black Jack tables.  All of our Black Jack tables are supplied with all the full casino table equipment - just like a real casino.  Most casinos will have more Black Jack tables than any other game.  If you'd like to know more about how to play Black Jack, have a look at our downloads section.  We provide a wide range of casino game guides for free. Black Jack options
Texas Hold'em A great game with a big following and a centre piece game in the 2007 Casino Royale production from Sony and EON Productions. Poker games can often run for quite a few hours (especially if the players are good).  A game normally runs for up to 8 players.  But don't be put off: this works equally well as a fun casino event table with players joining and leaving the table as they wish.  There are lots of variations on the rules.  We provide a set of rules with our tables but you can play a variation as long as you all agree the rules before you start. Perfect for an evening in with friends or, as most of our clients do, as part of a fun casino event.  Have a detailed look at our Texas Hold'em options.

Interested in hosting your own Casino Royale style Texas Holdem event? Contact us and we can help put that extra glamour into your event.
Texas Hold'em options
Baccarat James Bond's favourite casino game! In the film "Thunderball", there is a long scene where 007 James Bond, played by Sean Connery, is in a high stakes game of Baccarat. The film shows just how lucky 007 is. Our Baccarat game is perfect for adding that Bond glamour to your event.

To make the event even more fun, perhaps you could consider 007 fancy dress, James Bond character cut-outs and James Bond theme music in the background.
Baccarat table options
Casino War This is one of the popular games in many of the Las Vegas Casinos. Essentially a simple game but very exciting and fast paced.  Each player is dealt one card and hopes to have a higher card than the dealer.  If your card is higher you win.  If it's lower you lose.  If it is equal to the dealer's card, you have a choice: surrender (lose half your bet) or go to war!  Now you must bet more and get another card.  Is your card higher than the dealer's this time? And so the game continues.  Fast and furious is the name of this game! Casino War options
Caribbean Stud Poker A version of poker popularised on Caribbean cruise ships.  This is a really useful addition to a fun casino event.  Casino-To-Go Caribbean Stud Poker provides a quick-fire poker game that people can join and leave at will, allowing them to enjoy any other entertainments you have organized for your event.  Essentially, each player is playing poker against the House (dealer).  The game is very easily learned and our player QuickPrompt cards enable newcomers to enjoy the game quickly - and our dealers are more than happy to explain how to play.  Bring a bit of the Caribbean Cruise to your party. Caribbean Stud Poker options
Chuck-A-Luck Dice Game A great dice game providing all of your guests with the full excitement of a fast paced casino dice game. Click here to find out more about our Chuck-A-Luck option.  This game provides lots of fast casino action.  Unlike American Craps, learning to play will take just a couple of minutes.  Our polite and friendly dealers will ensure your guests have great fun at the Chuck-A-Luck Dice table. Chuck-A-Luck dice game options

Other Games

If there's a game you'd like that we don't list here, please contact us (call, e-mail or whatever). We are always looking at what our clients want and will be happy to help source additional games where possible.

How Many Gaming Casino Tables Do You Need?

We're often asked, "How many tables do I need?"  You can hire as much or as little as you need, it's up to you but we can help with planning.  As a guide, have a look at the list below. 

Casino - Small Party (6-20 guests)
A Roulette table and a Black Jack table would be great for this number as a background activity during the party.  Or, if you want a Casino theme to the night, both would be ideal.
Casino - Medium Party (15 - 40 guests)
For this, we recommend a combination of at least 2 to 4 tables.  A Roulette and Black Jack, Roulette and Casino War or Black Jack and Caribbean Stud Poker.  A combination of these tables will keep your guests busy for the night.
Casino - Large Party (40+ guests)
A set of 3 or more Casino-To-Go tables would be ideal for these events.  Which tables and how many depends on budget and space.  For precise numbers, it's best to contact us and we can help work out exactly what you need.

Whatever size party you're planning, we can usually help. We're happy to answer any queries and there won't be a 'big sell' - that wouldn't be fun.

 Last modified: July 30 2009.