The Evening Itself

So how does it all happen? Once you've confirmed a booking with us and agreed your casino event date and time, everything is set. We will arrive at the time agreed and set-up the gaming tables and any theme equipment you've hired.  Our team will be with you throughout the evening.

Roulette table ready to roll at Vintners Hall, London.

When your guests arrive, they are allocated a quantity of fun money.  The aim of the evening is to have fun and, to add to that fun, it's often a good idea to add some competition.  Usually, at the end of the evening, the player (or team) with the greatest value in casino fun money is the winner.  A fun prize adds a great deal to this.

Running Your Hired Tables

Our trained dealers, dressed in formal attire, will ensure that your guests enjoy the real casino experience. We run the tables to full casino standards, applying all the betting limits, table procedures and rules exactly like a real casino. They will help your guests learn the games and explain important aspects of table etiquette.

Winning the Night

All good times have to end eventually so, at the appointed hour, the guests' fun money is counted and the winner(s) declared.  At the end of the evening, the winner with the most 'funs' (fun money) is awarded a prize of your choice (not included in the kit unless by prior arrangement at the time of booking your event). Perhaps a bottle of Champagne or a box of chocolates? The choice is down to your imagination.  In the end, everyone’s a winner – they’ll all have a really great time and a night to remember.

After the Party

Our on-site team will tidy the equipment away before leaving, minimizing any interruption to your guests and the flow of your event.

Other Choices

This is just the basic outline.  We're happy to help with any variation.  Themed evenings (007 James Bond for example) are popular.  Just let us know what you want or ask for help with ideas.

 Remember, your fun is our business.

 Last modified: July 30 2009.