Job Description - Dealer/Croupier


The Dealer's function is to entertain our client's guests by acting as the dealer or croupier for a specific gaming table (Roulette, Black Jack, Texas Hold'em, etc.)  The Dealer must run the table to Casino-To-Go standards, applying all of the table rules.  We aim to maintain an authentic and fun gaming atmosphere.  Our tables are NOT used for real gambling.  Our client's guests will be supplied with Fun Money which they may exchange for playing chips at the individual tables.


The Dealer will run the table to full casino standards (table rules supplied) and will be responsible for maintaining a fun atmosphere at their table.  Lively interaction with the guests is essential.

On a typical event, the Dealer will be responsible for helping to unload and assemble the tables and ancillary equipment (chips, card shoes, etc).  Once set-up is complete to the satisfaction of the Event Manager and the Client Representative, the Dealer will change in to suitable clothing for the event (normally formal attire).   The Dealer will then run their table for the duration of the event (normally 3 hours) with two 10 minute breaks.  During these breaks, another Dealer or the Event Manager will continue to run the table.

The Event Manager will indicate the end of the event to the Dealers and the tables will be closed down and dismantled. The Dealer will help with the dismantling of the tables and loading of all equipment into the transport.


The role of Dealer is primarily part-time on an occasional basis.  We do not expect Dealers to be available at all times.  We contact our Dealers when an event is booked to see if they would like to work at the given event.  We do expect our Dealers to honour a commitment to work at a given event.  Typically, our events run at evenings (after 6pm) and weekends, although there are other times on occasions.

Fun, outgoing personality, happy to be dealing with a wide variety of people.  Polite at all times.
Clean driving licence and confident van driver
Remuneration: All pay will be monthly in arrears by cheque or directly into a bank account as preferred by the Dealer.


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 Last modified: July 30 2009.