New lighting options!

We're going Green! And red. And Blue. We've added new silk flame lighting options and, as part of our efforts to save our planet, we're changing all our lighting to use low power LED systems. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and helping venues to reduce global warming – all with low power, low heat LEDs!
silhouette of James Bond firing a handgun

James Bond Themed Casino Event

For a really special occasion, add the glamour of 007 to your event. We can add the James Bond theme by providing the right mix of elements.  Contact us for James Bond theme party ideas. We have lots of experience and can help you select the right mix of casino games to give your event that Casino Royale feel. You might consider 007 fancy dress, casino decorations and theme backdrops. We can provide items to hire from stock or we can produce graphics and layouts to your exact requirements (our in-house graphics team is always looking for new challenges!):-

example 007 backdrops and graphic
The Aston Martin DB5

We will plan and organize your 007 James Bond Casino event, ensuring all the right people and equipment are there when needed.  We can help you scale your James Bond casino to suit your target venue and budget. On target every time. Take a look at what we can offer. Remember, fun casinos are what we do.

A 007 Casino Royale themed casino event like this takes careful planning. Contact us soon so that we can discuss your needs - let us add the glitz and glamour you're looking for.

 Last modified: July 30 2009.