Hiring Equipment for Your Function

Q. How would my casino event run?

A. Take a look at our party planning page that describes the event process.

Q. What standard of equipment would I get when I make a booking?

A. All of our equipment is excellent quality casino equipment, not toys.  We take great care of the equipment, ensuring that your guests will get the 'wow' factor when they arrive.  We provide loads of gambling chips and we take care to make sure you have the right chips for the tables.  We equip our tables to full casino standards including items like table signs (showing maximum and minimum bets).

Our tables are full-sized casino tables with authentic gaming equipment staffed by our trained dealers.  For the full-on casino feel, this is the way to go.  Our staff will be dressed in formal evening wear.  That is unless you are running a themed event, in which case, they will be dressed appropriately for your event by prior arrangement (e.g. Wild West). If you're interested in adding a theme to your event, please mention it when you make an enquiry. We will be happy to help with any theme arrangements you might need.

Our tables are hired for all sorts of events including weddings, birthday parties, commercial events such as product promotions, trade shows and of course company parties. In our experience, all guests enjoy some level of gambling and, remember, ours is just for fun!

Roulette wheel and chips

Q. What factors affect the number of tables I will need?

A. The following factors will affect your table choices:-

  • Space available at your venue
  • Budget
  • Number of guests
  • The overall look and feel you wish to create for your event

Q. How many tables should I hire?

A. Always a tricky one.  As a guide we suggest one gaming table per 20-30 guests.  Of course it depends on other factors as well (budget, space, other simultaneous entertainments, etc.)  We are more than happy to help scale your fun casino to match your requirements and provide detailed expert advice, so get in touch.

Q. How far ahead of time should I book the fun casino equipment?

A. We advise that you book as early as possible,  but don't hesitate to call for that last minute party.  We may be able to help.  If we have equiment available, there’s no reason why not.

Q. I want to hire fun casino equipment for the annual social club function.  What do I need to hire to keep 120 guests entertained?

A. We recommend hiring a combination of a pair of Roulette tables, at least two Black Jack tables and a Caribbean Stud Poker table for this size of function.  Our staff will run your tables ensuring you and your guests enjoy all the fun of the evening.  Whatever size of party or event you are considering, we will be happy to advise on equipment needs.  Our expertise is second to none and we can will make your event less hassle and more fun - that’s why we’re here.

Q. How does the fun casino equipment get to me?

A. We deliver the fun casino equipment in person using our own transport.  Our crews will unload the equipment and set it all up ready for the start of your event.  At the end of the play period, our crews clear away as swiftly as possible, ensuring the smooth flow of your event. This includes our gaming tables, lighting, sound systems and theme decorations.

Q. Why do you need a security deposit?

A. We maintain our equipment to a very high standard so that our clients and their guests enjoy a quality entertainment.  Damage to our tables and loss of equipment at events needs to be covered financially.  We have found that a security deposit reduces damage and loss significantly.  Your security deposit is returned when we have checked that all items that were hired to you have been returned to us in good order. We rarely have to apply the damage deposit.

Q. How do we ensure that we get our security deposit back straight away?

A. Encourage your guests to take care of all the equipment that is on hire to you. Get them to check their pockets for chips before they leave.  In particular, watch out for children who may take chips or dice away to play with them in another room/home with them.  We pride ourselves on providing quality equipment and it is important to us that each hirer gets the full quality experience with nothing missing.

Q. What happens if my party is cancelled at the last minute?

A. If the party is cancelled at the last minute and you have paid the full cost of the hire of equipment seven (7) days ahead of time, we will re-schedule the equipment hire for a future date that is suitable to you.  However, this would be at the management’s discretion and subject to the availability of equipment.  Please read our terms and conditions carefully for a full explanation of the contract between hirer and Casino-To-Go.

Q. Will I get addicted to gambling?

A. Not at one of our parties but you will have loads of fun and certainly you and your guests will enjoy the excitement of gambling. Our intention is for you to have a great time with colleagues, friends and family. 

Organising the Casino Element of Your Function

Q. How does the evening flow?

A. We can help you plan the evening to run in any format you prefer.  Our website page ‘the evening itself’  shows a typical flow and is very popular with many of our clients.  Above all, please discuss your event with us.  We have lots of experience and can help make your event more memorable and fun.

Q. What is Fun Money and how do I allocate it?

A. Fun Money is the currency used for the fun casino event.  It has no value except it can buy chips on the gaming tables.  The usual objective of the event is for the guests to accumulate as much Fun as possible. Exactly how the Fun Money is initially allocated depends on whether you are running a charity event or pure fun event.

Fun Event

To start with, each guest can be allocated a amount of Fun Money. We provide a selection of quizzes that are a perfect vehicle for your guest to win more Fun Money.  And the rest they win or lose at the gaming tables.

Charity Event

Of course, you may also sell Fun Money as a way of making money for a charity event.  It is legal to do so as long as you sell them to participants who are 18 years old and above and comply with the rest of the laws on gambling.   Please refer the Legal Issues section of this document for a link to the Government’s explanation of the current laws. In order to make money for your nominated charity, you can sell the Fun Money at a price of your choosing throughout the evening. Your guest may play for prizes of nominal value but cannot play to win money. You will need to allocate someone to be responsible for the 'cash office' - the location you chose to sell fun money. Guest may not convert their chips or fun money back into cash at any point.

Legal Issues

Q. Is it legal to use fun casino equipment in the UK?

A. Yes it is perfectly legal to use the fun casino equipment for parties.   However, the law makes two main restrictions on you and these are:

  1. If the gaming does not involve your guests using real money to play (i.e. you play with fun money) it is not gaming and the event is exempt from the Gaming Act.

  2. If you plan a event where the guests pay money in order to play and win prizes, then the Act does apply and you will need to comply with it.

For a further guidance, visit the UK Government website for the Department for Culture, Media and Sport website at Casino Nights under the Gaming Act 2005.

If you are further concerned about the legality of the event you are planning, then you should consult a solicitor.

Q. Can I offer prizes to my guests as part of a fun casino night?

A. Yes you can and, in fact, it's a good idea to do just that. It's a great way of reaching a natural end for the event. However, the law states that any such prizes must not be the only inducement to persons to attend the entertainment.  

Q. What prizes could I use at my event?

A. We suggest you supply small prizes such as boxes of chocolates or bottles of wine as prizes at the occasion.  For a bigger occasion, you might like to have prizes for the three players with the most fun money at the end of the event.  Or perhaps, the top male and female winners.  The 'boys' prize might be a remote controlled car and the 'girls' prize could be tickets for a spa day.

At charity fundraising events, you may wish to provide more significant prizes.  These prizes should be donated by other supporters of the event and cannot be paid for in any way by the proceeds of the event.  The prize winners could be the ones with the most fun money.  Alternatively, you could have a fun auction at the end of the event where the fun money is used to bid for prizes in an auction.  There are many ways of adding more fun to the event.  Contact us and we'd be happy to discuss these further.

Q. Can children attend my party at which I am hiring fun casino equipment?

A. Yes children can attend your party.  It is up to you to decide if they should place wagers.  If you stick to our rules and have fun, children of ages 8 and above will find that they can use their maths skills to impress family and friends.  In our experience, having a young assistant who has excellent times tables skills can be most useful when working out the winnings.  Basically, kids are experts at having fun and enjoy the event as much as anyone else.

One of the government’s objectives of the 2004 Gambling Bill is that children and vulnerable people should be protected.  The Lotteries and Amusement Act 1976 states that persons under the age of 18 cannot bet for money, and this is also prohibited in our terms and conditions.

 Last modified: September 05 2014.