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News, Announcements and Views on Recent Casino Events

We're busy, busy, busy! As a premier fun casino and corporate events company, we're always involved in something exciting and (of course) fun. Here's a few of the most recent news and views from the wacky world of fun casinos:-

Johnathan and Melanie's Wedding Party, Shrivenham Defence Academy, Beckett House.


Wedding couple Johnathan and Melanie on the balcony A James Bond 007 extravaganza took place at the amazing Beckett House within the Defence Academy at Shrivenham. Johnathan and Melanie had been planning and working on the event for the last nine months and were determined that their guests would enjoy a night to remember. We think they succeeded! With antique military communications equipment, flags galore and lots of 007 related decorations, the scene was set for a magic evening of entertainment. And how could you have a James Bond theme without a casino? And that's where we came in. We have provided fun casino entertainment at a number of events previously at the Defence Academy and were recommended to Johnnathan.

Family and friends alike went to great efforts to add to the atmosphere by wearing either formal dress or James Bond related fancy dress. This all helped to make the night a great success with everyone having a great time with a free bar, great food and a range of entertainments. The evening started with a feeling of an event at the British Embassy in some foreign land, with Champagne and canapés served by a team of waiters and waitresses. This feeling was much enhanced by the enormous vaulted ceiling of Beckett House and uniformed security team at the entrance (not to mention the Aston Martin DB5 and Viking vehicles parked at the entrance).

superb 007 pistol ice sculpture Gaming commenced when guests had arrived and settled. There was an excited buzz around the tables with a variety of languages in evidence. Our croupiers were able to apply their skills in teaching guests how to play the games, though some players had obviously spent time in casinos before as a high degree of skill and confidence was apparent. We saw many players at all of the tables with some being very lucky and winning quite large amounts of fun money quite quickly. At a suitable juncture, Melanie and Johnathan welcomed their guests from the balcony high in the room in both English and German. As the evening continued, the guests were able to enjoy the additional features including the Vodka ice luge in the form of the 007 iconic pistol and the excellent live band Hyperbolics.

busy roulette table in the hall at Shrivenham In one corner, in amongst a variety of 007's equipment (including his jet pack from the film Thunderball), the happy couple had a screen showing a wide variety of pictures from their individual childhoods and from their times together. This was a special touch and was very popular with the guests. If you would like something similar for your event, we can help with this with projections equipment and appropriate players. To get the best from this, contact us well before the event.

As the gaming drew to a close at 22:30, the excitement and noise at the tables reached new levels. Those who still had Funs (our fun gaming currency) were going all out to win. Large wagers were placed with a few paying off handsomely. As the last spin of the Roulette wheel and the last dice roll of the evening took place, the fates were set and the winners determined. Johnathan announced the winners and awarded the prizes as we quietly and quickly tidied away the gaming tables, clearing the room for other uses as the party continued into the night. Congratulations Johnathan and Melanie. An excellent party and a great night.

Jody and Charlotte's Wedding day, Bath.


On a scorching English summer day, Jody and Charlotte became Mr. and Mrs. Coleman. Congratulations! Soon after the reception, Jody and Charlotte are off to a cottage in Snowdonia where they first became engaged – a very romantic touch.

wedding couple play roulette at the Bathwick Boathouse restaurant, Bath

Casino-To-Go was delighted to entertain their guests at the Bathwick Boatman by the river in Bath. This is a delightful restaurant on a beautiful stretch of River Avon only minutes outside of Bath City Centre but you feel like you’re miles out in the countryside. With a veranda overlooking the river, guests enjoy wonderful views and can make use of the rowing boats at the boating station immediately next door.

The fun casino tables provided a great focus and brought many different elements of the two families and their friends together in an atmosphere of fun. Jody and Charlotte even managed to spend some time at the tables themselves. With every age group playing on the tables at some point, there were lots of different playing styles from very cautious to outrageously risky. In the end, the big risk takers unusually won out with two players amassing a small fortune of Funs35,000 from a start of Funs500. This was achieved on the Roulette table with some very risky big bets but Lady Luck looked upon them favourably.

King Alfred's Academy Annual Year 11 Prom Ball, Wantage


What an exciting night at the King Alfred’s Academy Year 11 Prom Ball last night! The event was staged in a massive marquee in the field behind the school and the weather was superb – a lovely warm and sunny English evening. The students arrived in great style in a wide variety of vehicles from flash spots cars through to impossible stretched limousines.

With around 200 guests at the event, we knew we were in for a busy evening and were not disappointed. We provided Roulette, two Black jack and dice tables for the event and all were busy throughout the entire night. With a great disco and the casino running concurrently, the students had no shortage of entertainments.

Many were playing casino games for the first time but soon picked up the rules and developed playing styles that enabled them to have a great time. Most of all, the fun gaming forms a great focus for guests to interact with each other. At these kinds of events, it can be easy for cliques to form and groups to stay separate. The casino games draw people together and help to create a fun and friendly atmosphere at the event.

Girls at the Roulette table  - King Alfred's Academy Y11 Ball at Wantage There was a short interlude where some non-academic awards were made by the Head of Year and handed to the winners by Caroline Smith. These were fun awards including categories often found in American school year books. These included “Person Likely to be Successful” and “Couples That Should Have Been”. The awards were all taken in good heart and formed a fun interlude and an opportunity for the staff to wish the outgoing student good luck and a successful life. The gaming and dancing were soon back on and the party was in full swing until very late (it was a Saturday after all).

Commonweal School Year 11 Ball


Gorgeous Porche in the Commonweal School Year 11 Ball arrival calvalcade at Lydiard House, Swindon It’s that time of year again when all our schools start to say a formal 'Goodbye' to their current Year 11 students and send them on their way into the next phase of life. For some, it will be continued academic efforts while others will move on into learning trades and work skills. Whichever way they go, it’s an important step and a point at which they will move on and easily lose touch with the friends they have been with for the last five years. As time goes on, many will look back on their time at school as a special time and will have fond memories of their school careers. A Leavers’ Ball is a great way to mark this life transition and it’s an excellent way of creating a highlight and an enduring memory for the young people who have reached this important milestone in their lives.

At the Commonweal School in Swindon, the staff and pupils make a great effort to mark this milestone and run a fun social event, the Leavers’ Ball, at an off-site venue. This year, they booked the Lydiard House at Lydiard Park in Swindon, a convenient and well established events venue and the staff there worked to create a great atmosphere for the arrival of the Y11 students. Casino-To-Go has run numerous events there over the years and we were delighted to be asked to provide our fun casino and venue decoration services again for this occasion. The venue has great access and ample parking – things often forgotten at some venues.

For this event, with around 120 students, we provided four tables; Roulette, the Chuck-A-Luck Dice Game and two Black Jack tables. In addition, the school was aiming to add additional sparkle and so we added some James Bond 007 theme materials to add to the atmosphere of the event.

Dealer Katie at the Chuck-a-luck Dice Table for the Commonweal School Y11 Ball at Lydiard House, Swindon The students started to arrive in a huge cavalcade of vehicles and were dressed in their finest. It was clear that everyone was making a big effort to look their best and, with photos being taken upon arrival, the guests enjoyed the delightful English summer weather (and for once it was delightful). The photos must be amazing as the light was perfect.

The fun gaming went very well with many learning that gambling was great fun as long as you weren’t using real money. Almost all of the students lost their fun money with a few exceptions, notably the winner who, from a start of Funs-500 amassed a fortune of Funs-72,300! Some people are born lucky. Fun prizes were awarded to the various winners and the guests continued on to their dancing at the disco provided. I’m sure as the evening wore on, there would be a few emotional moments as people realised how much of a change was coming. Here at Casino-To-Go, we’d like to wish all those passing this milestone the best of luck with their choices and the futures that those choices create.

Kayleigh's Hen Party Spectacular in Market Lavington


Kayleigh and hen party friends arriving in a London Bus What a night! Kayleigh's friends decided to mark her transition to married life with a fantastic hen party in the Market Lavington Community Hall. The main space was transformed to create a casino hotel atmosphere with great music, lighting and of course our fun casino tables.

Kayleigh's friends started the evening with a few drinks and a lovely spread prepared by Emily and Amber which set everybody up for a great evening. The fun casino tables opened and the games began with everybody trying their hand at the tables. A few of the guests had been to casinos before but most needed a little demonstration of the games. Our dealers are trained not only to deal the games to professional standards but also to show guest how to play. The games are easy and, as well as the help of the dealers, we provide handy playing guides at each table. It didn't take long at all before the tables were packed with delightful ladies enjoying harmless fun and the excitement of a casino.

Hen party casino showing busy blackjack tableThe tables were busy throughout the evening and a great deal of fun money was won and lost but that's part of the fun. No real money is used at a fun casino event and guests are often playing for a fun prize. On this occasion, the prize was a bottle of champagne and there was some strong competition.

The excitement grew as the evening progressed and the girls were clearly enjoying the fun as there was a great deal of excited conversation and laughing. Around 15 minutes before the planned end of gaming, we announced the games would soon be closing and the tables were very busy with guests risking all to improve their chances of winning. Kayleigh was playing at the Black Jack table and, with some guidance from friends, managed to make some big wins in the last few hands. When the count-up was complete, Kayleigh was the clear winner and she shared the champagne with her friends. A perfect end to the gaming.

As we quietly cleared the tables away, the dancing started and the girls started the next phase of their celebration. Altogether, everyone seemed to have a fun-filled night. We hope there were not too many sore heads the following day.

Di and Tim's Silver Wedding Anniversary, Melksham


Talulah Blue leaving the stage after her first burlesque dance of the evening Di and Tim invited family and close friends to a delightful ‘Alice in Wonderland’ inspired tea party in the afternoon, with fancy cakes and china cups as a relaxed and graceful start to their day.

They then hosted an exciting night packed with quirky entertainment at Melksham House including a freshly cooked fish and chip supper planned as a surprise by Di and Tim.

The venue had been dressed with white swags and a star cloth covered ceiling and themed with lots of our 007 James Bond silhouettes and our ever popular Giant Bond Ace Cards. Casino-To-Go had dressed the grand hallway into the main party room of the venue with a red carpet walkway lined with barriers and red ropes and giant flames. What a wonderful sight it looked!

Inside was a fun casino run by Casino-To-Go including a double Roulette table (called an Albatross in the trade) run by two of our local entertaining dealers and a Blackjack table run by another dealer. Players joined the tables in good numbers and really enjoyed playing at the tables.

Tim and friends at the fun casino black jack tableA photo booth run by MG Photographers was very busy, and also took group photos of party goers. Burlesque dancing started at 9pm and included three dancers and a stand up comedian. The dancers were introduced by Dulce Demure and included Talulah Blue.

When the burlesque dancing had finished, the party went on until the small hours with everyone dancing to the disco.

The CoverSure Insurance annual conference and ball at the Beaumont Estate, Windsor.


CoverSure event - packing Roulette and chips away in the wee small hours The annual CoverSure Insurance conference and ball was a big success with hundreds of franchise owners attending and enjoying the party. Many guests made great efforts to match the amazing Georgian buildings with 17th Century fancy dress. Several times throughout the night, we thought we had time-travelled to Georgian England. The Beaumont Estate Hotel and Conference Centre is a superb venue for all sizes of events and provides excellent service for guests. At the very least ypu will feel as though you are on a film set for Jane Eyre.

Nichola Bennett from CoverSure Insurance had selected the classic combination of Roulette and Black Jack. Guests enjoyed an exciting evening where the tables were constantly busy from 23:00 right up until 01:00 on Sunday morning. We found it particularly funny that players were reluctant to take the ‘Insurance’ option on the Black Jack table. When the dealer’s first card is an Ace, players have the option of insuring their initial wager (covering their bet) by playing an insurance bet up to half of their initial wager. In this case, if the dealer’s second card is a 10 (or face card, J, Q or K), then the player will win 2:1 on that bet. It was amazing how energetic the guests were in the early hours of Sunday morning. Many moved from the casino to continue partying and dancing along to the excellent live band that was playing great music from the 70’s through to the 90’s.

The Casino-To-Go crew packed the equipment away and was on the road by 2:00am and were back at our headquarters in Chippenham by 4:00am, tired but happy to have completed another great event for our customers. We are nothing without you our customers and we pride ourselves on providing a fantastic and authentic casino experience. Try us – you won’t regret it!

Chippenham Business Awards 2013 at the Neeld Hall, Chippenham.


There was a palpable crackle of excitement last night at the Neeld Hall in Chippenham, the venue for the 2013 annual Chippenham Business Awards. There was an interesting variety of live entertainments including singing waiters, balloon magician, ‘Bad Lizard’ rock band, a visit from ‘David Brent’ and of course the crew from Casino-To-Go running Black Jack and Roulette.

This was an opportunity for local businesses in Chippenham to take stock of the last year and see what customers are thinking. With a range of awards being nominated and voted on by peer businesses and the local community, the awards are designed to promote Chippenham and to continue the development of the town centre.

Glamorous players at the Neeld Hall - Chippenham Business Awards 2013 Economic conditions continue to be a challenge for everybody and an event like this can help businesses and the inhabitants of Chippenham ensure that local businesses are in mind. Without a vibrant local business community and local customers, life in the town will suffer and all we will be left with only the multi-national chains and big businesses. New and vibrant small businesses, provide the innovation, responsiveness and local accountability that is vital to the development of new markets and the ability of businesses to meet local needs. Of course ultimately, the successful ones will be the big businesses of the future.

Last night’s event made awards in recognition of key achievements by local business across a wide variety of capabilities including innovation, new start-ups, environmental controls and great customer service – things that matter to all of us. For a full picture of the awards, nominations and the winners, take a look at Chippenham Business Awards website. Perhaps it will help more people be aware of the great and exciting companies that we have in Chippenham.

Vectura Annual Ball at the Assembly Rooms, Bath


The Team at Casino-To-Go was pleased to be asked to provide entertainment again for Vectura at their annual ball at the Bath Assembly Rooms. Originally planned for a couple of weeks earlier, the Ball had to be postponed due to the severe snow conditions. We were all ready to attend with snow chains fitted to the vans but, when Vectura decided to postpone, we quickly re-scheduled. So, at the second attempt, everything went very well with a great dinner and great entertainment.

The fun casino was run in the Octagon Room, a spectacular space in the opulent Bath Assembly Rooms. Our gaming tables may be quite different to the originals played there in the 18th and 19th centuries but the atmosphere associated with gaming is entirely familiar to the historic walls of that building (for more on this, take a look at the Regency History site).

Rebecca's Birthday Party @TheManorHouse, CastleCombe


Seven player black jack table at the Manor House Castle Combe

Rebecca's splendid birthday party at the Manor House in Castle Combe was a triumph with her family and friends enjoying a delightful evening of excellent food, fine wines, funky music and (of course) all the great entertainment of Casino-To-Go fun casino tables. The sophisticated style of this excellent English country hotel is ideally suited to creating the feeling of a grand exclusive casino hotel. All of the guests enjoyed a spectacular evening celebrating Rebecca's birthday and a great deal of fun was had by all. Casino-To-Go was delighted to provide the Roulette and Black Jack tables with trained and experienced dealers, plenty of fun money for guests and all the details that ensure everyone gets the full casino experience.

Fun casino gaming and dancing carried on into the wee small hours before winners were declared. But winning isn't everything. All the guests enjoyed an evening to remember, experiencing the atmosphere of a real casino. There's no doubt about it - a fun casino is an excellent way of making your party more enjoyable and memorable.

Vectura Ball at the Bath Assembly Rooms


Vectura guests enjoy roulette in the Octagon Room of the Bath Assembly Rooms

It's that time of year when we could all do with a bit of a lift and some fun. Vectura, a leading developer of inhailed therapies, decided that their 2012 Winter Ball would be in the gorgeous Bath Assembly Rooms. After a sumptuous dinner in the Ballroom itself, guests were treated to live music and fun casino gaming tables. Casino-To-Go provided four tables: Roulette, Dice and two Black Jack tables. These were set-up in the Great Octagon room and were lit by the stunning chandelier at the centre of this amazing space. The Great Octagon and other elements of the Bath Assembly Rooms are mentioned in classic authors' materials including those of Jane Austen and Charles Dickens. The casino tables were very much at home in the Assembly Rooms since card games and gambling formed an important part of the social scene in Bath during the 18th Century.

The Bath Assembly Rooms are an amazing example of careful restoration work. This was needed after the Assembly Rooms were badly damaged as a result of one of the Baedecker Blitz raids that targetted key historic centres in April 1942. It was 1963 before the Assembly Rooms were fully reopened, having been restored to their original glory of 1771. They are now owned and operated by the National Trust and are open to the public when not in use as an events venue.

It was wonderful to see such a beautiful and historic building being used for exactly what it was originally designed - large scale soicalising and entertainment. The Vectura guests obviously understood and fully availed themselves of the stunning facilities. The casino tables were busy from the moment they opened and guests flocked to the tables which formed a great focus for meeting and conversation. We often find that the fun casino tables provide a great opportunity for adults to let their hair down and have some fun playing games. No real money is in play, so no one is losing anything - even when they lose everything. Guests play with fun money that is provided before the tables open and use it at the gaming tables.

the West entrance of the Bath Assembly Rooms, February 2012

With the Great Octagon room bustling with excited fun gamblers, the evening continued with some players doing very well at the tables. On one of the Black Jack tables, one excited player had manged to get from their start of 500 Funs to an exciting total of 12,300 Funs! Sadly, all good things must come to an end and, in this case, that was half past midnight. The last three spins, rolls and hands were called and the winners counted up. The music and dancing countinued for some time after and carriages were due at one O'Clock in the morning.

Aerocan Sees the Year Out in Style


Chuck-a-lick dice table running at Devizes Town Hall

What a great way to see out the year and celebrate its successes. Memebers of the Aerocan team in Devizes enjoyed an evening of good food, good music and entertainment provided by Casino-To-Go. We were happy to supply a range of fun casino gaming tables staffed by our trained and capable dealers. This is the second year we have provided a themed fun casino for Aerocan and once again it was all fun.

With Roullette, Dice and two Black Jack tables to play at, the guests enjoyed a good range of fun gaming. As always, there was no real money in play. We provided 500Funs of fun money for each guest and they used this to play at the tables. There was a prize of Amazon vouchers for the person that managed to accumulate the highest number of Funs during the evening and this added a great spark of fun competition. After three hours of very busy fun gaming, the final few hands of cards, dice rolls and spins of the Roulette wheel generated a great deal of excitement. The final winners is always decided during the last few minutes as guests make their final big gambles of the evening.

guests enjoying the Aerocan party at Devizes

With the prize awarded, the evening drew to a close and the Casino-To-Go team closed down the tables and packed everything away in the vans. With some venues, this can be quite difficult, but Devizes Town Hall is an excellent venue and packing away was an easy process. The crew was able to pack up the four fun casino tables, all ancillaries and James Bond 007 theme graphics in short order.

Christmas Party for BMS at Revolution Bar, London


Roulette in the Revolution Bar, America Square, London It's our busy time of course but we thought it would be worth taking a few minutes to give a taste of what our events are like. We were asked to provide two tables (classic Roulette and Black Jack) for the 2011 Christmas Party for the BMS Group, insurance specialists. With a venue like the Revolution Bar, at America Square in London, you can be sure of a good time. Add some fun casino tables, a few drinks and you have the recipe for a great party, and that's just what they had. Everything was ready on time and the guests were quick to find the bar and the fun casino tables. With the venue providing a great atmosphere, the guests qucikly settled in and ready to roll.

There was a bit of James Bond 007 theme going on to add some glamour and to help with that, we provided some giant themed playing cards and other silhouettes. The effect was fantastic and the guests were quickly in the mood for fun. The gaming tables were busy from the very start and guests enjoyed a flutter with fun money (everyone was given 500 Funs). After three busy hours of play, the winners were announced and prizes awarded. A couple of prizes always add the zing of competition that makes these events so much fun. The party went on for many more hours and we suspect there were a few sore heads the following day.

Customer Event at Grange Jaguar, Dorcan Way, Swindon


Grange Jaguar entrance sign Casino-To-Go were engaged to provide casino tables for the entertainment of clients. All customers were treated to fun gaming and some lovely food, including a hog roast during the evening. Grange Jaguar had an exciting prize of the use of one of their three demonstrator cars from their new range. The winner was to enjoy a test drive for the whole weekend. There was very healthy competition for the prize! The night came to a crescendo when two customers had the same amount of fun money (6,200) and the prize was decided on the very last spin of the Roulette wheel. The very happy winner arranged her weekend test of the sleek Jaguar XK. All the Casino-To-Go staff were very jealous!

Help for Heroes Fundraiser at Alexandra House Hotel and Conference Centre


A very successful in dinner fundraiser in aid of Help for Heroes was hosted at Alexandra House Hotel and Conference Centre on 23rd of July. Casino-To-Go has many links with the military around the Chippenham area and is proud to support the Hope for Heroes charity. Guests were treated to four Casino-To-Go fun casino tables and croupiers for the event and the dinner guests were most appreciative of the stylish tables, an excellent disco, a band, a caricaturist and of course a sumptuous dinner!

Warminster School Charity Ball


New Hollywood event graphics Organiser Debbie booked Casino-to-Go for the second year to provide casino tables and croupiers to entertain guests at the Warminster School fundraiser which was held in the school grounds in July 2011. The theme of the ball was Hollywood Glamour, and everyone who attended the event dressed to impress! Casino-To-Go provided Hollywood graphics from our new collection to decorate their marquee, and the organising team from Warminster School were very impressed with the quality of the graphics. Debbie said, "Having used Casino-To-Go for our last two Summer Balls, we've always found them very reliable and professional. Their latest film strip/Hollywood props are excellent and fitted in exactly with our theme. We would certainly recommend them to other schools and other organisations"

Y11 Ball for Commonweal School, SwindonLydiard House Conference Centre


students from Commonweal School at a Casino-To-Go black jack table It was a very hot day on July 1st 2011 when the Y11 students from Commonweal School came to Lydiard House for their ball. Everyone was dressed up in immaculate fashion and ready to enjoy themselves. The students had group and individual photographs taken in the palladian grounds of Lydiard House and returned to the Conference Centre. They were served cold drinks and ice lollies to cool them down before entering the casino. We had set the casino tables up in the lounge area so it felt like a casino. We had James Bond themed graphics to decorate the casino area, empahasizing the sophistication of the night. The area was accessable for those students in wheel chairs and crutches the casino tables too! All students and the teachers loved the gaming tables, but especially Blackjack and the sit down Dice table. Everyone that played seemed to enjoy themselves, whether they were playing or just watching others play. Some had such a good time they even want to work for Casino-To-Go! From our point of view, all pupils behaved very well and were a credit to their school.

Mrs Taylor said: “A big ‘THANK YOU!’ from The Commonweal School in Swindon! We had a really great time at our Leavers’ Ball at Lydiard on Friday and your contribution gave a real buzz to the event. The gaming tables provided a focus and professional flair to proceedings. You encouraged even our most reticent students to join in the fun. Some had such a great time they even want to know about working for you!”

Young Farmers Party at Lackham College


check chips seen distorted through a roulette win marker or 'dolly' Casino-To-Go supplied Blackjack and Stud Poker tables with our experienced croupiers and an exciting silk flame light entrance to a very excited crowd from the Melksham Young Farmers. It was their Christmas event with an emphasis on fun and raising money for a local charity. They were nervous about playing the casino games at first, but once the Young Farmers tried playing Stud Poker they were hooked!

Lackham College is situated in the stunning Wiltshire countryside, on the outskirts of the charming market town of Chippenham.

Mitch Clark's Birthday Party at Haywards Heath Gold Club, Sussex


What a night! Mitch and his family and friends celebrated in style at the delightful Haywards Heath Golf Club. To make it even more special, Mitch decided to make the party a themed party and the theme was James Bond 007. This is a great theme for a party and Mitch's guests responded with some fantasic fancy dress ideas. There were prizes for the best fancy dress efforts for the men and the women and the winners were 'Oddjob' for the ladies suprisingly and 'Jaws' for the men.

Polly at the Baccarat Table With a Vesper cocktail awaiting guests as they arrived, the evening was off to a perfect start. An advantage of the Bond themed party is that guests have great choices. They can really go for it with fancy dress ideas including the Bond baddies, Bond girls and of course James Bond himself. Alternatively, they can just dress up in evening wear and feel totally comfortable, fitting in with the overall theme.

Well, Mitch's guests did a great combination of both and the theme helped to create a fun atmosphere that persisted for the whole night. With wine flowing and the casino tables open, the guests enjoyed a great deal of fun spending their 500Funs to play Roulette and Baccarat, Bond's favourite casino game. Very few of the guests had played Baccarat before but, with our game cards and expert training, everyone enjoyed this very traditional casino game. The tables were busy all evening right up to the climax of the gaming. After the last three hands and the last three spins of the Roulette wheel, the fun money was counted and the winner declared.

The party continued with dancing and fun until the small hours. There can be no doubt that this was a birthday that will not be forgotten. For our part, we wish Mitch many happy returns from all of us at Casino-To-Go.

MRG Christmas Party at the Manor House Hotel, Castle Combe


MRG VOLVO had their Christmas party in the stunning surroundings of Castle Combe Manor near Chippenham in Wiltshire. After their five course meal they played Roulette with great gusto. The table was very busy with all the chip colours on the table out all of the time. The winner with the highest amount of fun money won a bottle of fine Champagne after a huge win at the casino table. Thanks to the staff from MRG VOLVO for being really friendly (especially Father Christmas!)

Casino-To-Go Provide Graphics for Bizarre Creations


James Bondd 007 character silhouettes for entrance For the launch party of Bizarre Creations' new game, "007 Blood Stone", they needed graphics for the entrance area of their venue. Casino-To-Go was commissioned to provide 007 Bond character silhouettes for the windows of the launch party venue. We were delighted to assist and provided a selection of vinyl character graphics. Congratulations to Bizarre Creations on an an exciting interpretation of the ever-popular James Bond franchise.

George's 21st Birthday Party


George's 21st Birthday party, Seend Village Hall, Wiltshire Seend Village Hall in Wiltshire played host to George Dyke's 21st birthday party - what a night! With around 140 guests, George's big night was bound to go with a bang. Lighting provided by Casino-To-Go transformed Seend Village Hall to become a vibrant and exciting casino night club. The albatros roulette, black Jack and dice tables provided all of George's guests with an exciting evening of fun gaming with prizes for the top male and female players. Initially the plan was for 2 hours of gaming but, at the insistence of guests, the gaming was extended. Sometimes, it's just not right to stop the fun.

George had selected James Bond 007 as a theme for his spy evening and all of the guests responded by making the extra effort to dress for a big night out at a top venue. The effect was stunning and any visitor would have been easily convinced that they were in Monte Carlo or a famous casino in Montenegro. Without a doubt, our colour wash ligting system played a big part in painting the atmoshphere for the venue, transforming it from a homely village hall into a top flight venue. If you would like your venue transforming, talk to us - we can make a huge difference.

dice table at Birthday Party, Seend Village Hall, Wiltshire

We used giant 007 themed cards and a range of James Bond standees and pop-ups to enhance the 007 party theme. In conjunction with the giant 5m x 2m James Bond backdrops, these created a strong spy theme and all of the guests revelled in the effect. The combination of lighting, music and 007 graphics helped to transform the simple village hall into a stunning party venue. Casino-To-Go specialises in producing parties where guests are encouraged to wear James Bond character fancy dress and this party did not disappoint. Everyone likes to dress-up given the opportunity and this party was definitely one of those opportunities. Many of the girls at the party had made big efforts to wear James Bond fancy dress and the results spoke for themselves. George's party was a huge success and will be remembered by many for a long time to come. Happy 21st George and many happy returns!

Happy Halloween Returns to Melksham in Aid of Breast Cancer Charity


Wayne Palmer's 2010 Halloween Party showing scary blackjack table Wayne Palmer from Wayne's World of Fashion in Trowbridge once again hosted an amazing Halloween Party at the Melksham Assembly Rooms in Wiltshire. This was in aid of the Breast Cancer Care charity. Casino-To-Go was proud to be asked to provide Black Jack and Roulette fun casino gaming tables for the event. It was clear from the outset that the guests were keen to have a big party experience and the fun went from strength to strength as the evening wore on. Starting with 200 Funs, guests played at the gaming tables and for many, this was their first experience playing casino games. If they were running low on Funs, they bought more and the proceeds all went to the Breast Cancer Care charity.

Halloween party-goers enjoying the fun casino gaming at a blackjack table Guests made a big effort dressing as witches, ghouls, Catwoman, Count Dracula, fallen angels and devils of every hue. It always adds enormously to a party when the party-goers spend the extra time to dress-up and really enter into the spirit of the event. There were prizes for all sorts of games including the winners of the fun casino gaming. With extra prizes for the best dressed party-goers, everyone had a fine time and the dancing and fun went on through and beyond the witching hour. Once again, Wayne's Halloween party was a big success. If you missed it this year, make a note in your diary for 2011 - it's sure to be bigger still. Congratulations to Wayne and his team for another excellent event supporting a cause close to so many of our hearts.

Summer Bond Party and Casino


A view of the Churchill Arms, West Lavington, Wiltshire The Churchill Arms in West Lavington, Wiltshire was busy and full to the sounds of James Bond theme music and the sounds of the Casino-To-Go casino tables. Guests were greeted with a variety of cocktails which included Vodka Martinis - shaken not stirred of course. It was clear the night was going to be a big success when the guests started to arrive, having made big efforts to dress for the occassion. Dining suits for the gentlemen and stunning evening gowns for the ladies. Canapés were served to complement the various cocktails and all these were included in the ticket price. The event had been limited to advance tickets only because of the demand.

With the large function room converted to a casino for the evening and an array of 007 James Bond themed graphics to enhance the theme, entertainment was well prepared. Tony, the landlord of this very popular hostelry, had also set up a shooting range to test the marksmanship of the guests. In conjunction with the Roulette table and the Black Jack table, this worked well to create a fun and exciting evening for locals and visitors alike.

A busy Roulette table at the Churchill Arms showing guests and the full-sized Roulette wheel The guests were, of course, playing with fun money only - our Casino-To-Go 'Funs' currency. After three hours of absorbing, fun gaming the last three spins and last three hands were called. This is always a very exciting part of the evening as guests compete to win the largest amount of 'Funs' in order to win the evening's prize. With some very big bets in play and some players having put their full winnings on the tables, the tension was palpable. Some guests lost all while other made big gains and had very big smiles. Soon after 11:00pm, the winnings were counted and the winner announced. Andy, a local from the village, had won with 2,000 'Funs' and was rewarded with a large bottle of vintage bubbly - something James Bond was also very fond of.

With the gaming over, the party continued into the night with the disco cranking up the volume and guests comparing their gaming experiences. This was another in the long sequence of fun and entertaining themed evenings at the Churchill Arms. They have run Western theme nights, Kareoke and Indian events in the past. Popular with both local inhabitants and visitors to Wiltshire alike, the Churchill Arms provides a well known carvery and bar food that is second to none. If you're around West Lavington, make a stop there for lunch or a pint. You won't regret it and Tony and his staff are sure to give you a warm welcome.

Happy Halloween in Melksham in Aid of Breast Cancer Charity


Wayne Palmer from Wayne's World of Fashion and friends at the 2009 Halloween Party The Melksham Assembly Rooms in Wiltshire was the host venue to the 2009 Wayne's World of Fashion Halloween Party. Wayne Palmer, of Wayne's World of Fashion in Trowbridge, has organised Halloween parties for many years in aid of the Breast Cancer Care charity. This year's event was a great success with a fun crowd enjoying a great night out. Casino-To-Go provided Roulette and Black Jack tables along with 6 foot high flame-effect silk lights and casino themed materials.

Guests started with 500 Funs (our own fun money currency) that was included in their ticket price. If they ran out, they bought another 500 Funs for a fiver (all of which went to the nominated charity, Breast Cancer Care) and the fun continued. Competing for prizes added an edge but everyone was very conscious of what they were there for: some fun while supporting a worthy charity. Players were very generous and Wayne also managed to raise awareness of the work that Breast Cancer Care undertakes for those affected by breast cancer.

the busy Casino-To-Go Black Jack table at Wayne's Halloween Party With over 80 guests enjoying the event, the party had a great Halloween atmosphere. If you had the chance to go and missed it, you blew it! The venue bar staff were in the groove too, making efforts to dress-up as witches for the occassion. The Halloween decorations took many hours with Wayne and his friends working hard to carve over 30 pumpkins. The Jack'O'Lanterns, autumn leaves, spider's webs, coloured lighting and strong orange and black colour theme worked together to create the classic Halloween atmosphere.

The party finished at the witching hour with the winners of the Fun Casino event and raffles collecting their prizes. A fun night out with a great disco and dancing - a perfect Halloween! A big 'Well Done!' to Wayne and his wonderful supporting friends!

Summer Ball at RAF Boscombe Down, Wiltshire


Cowboy saloon casino at RAF Boscombe Down in Wiltshire Casino-To-Go provided four tables for the annual summer ball at Boscombe Down. Over 300 guests attended the ball that also included a full size cocktail bar, a band and a disco. The party theme was The Wild West and our croupiers dressed accordingly!

The party went on long in to the night after our team had left – helped by beautiful July weather! They said:
“Your Casino Tables were very well received and your team were extremely professional, even helping out with running a ‘prize giving’ for the biggest ‘high-rollers’. A most enjoyable evening was had by all and the Casino was kept busy all night. Your staff managed to set up and clear-up afterwards with the absolute minimum of disruption to the rest of the party, which was continuing afterwards. All-in-all, Casino-to-Go has left a positive impression with RAF Boscombe Down Officers’ Mess and I will personally be commending your company to the organisers of subsequent events.
Many Thanks.”

Wedding Bells Ring Loud in Stanton Fitzwarren


The splendid Stanton House Hotel in Stanton Fitzwarren, Swindon was host to the wedding party of Lee and Kelly. A fine, sunny day with cloudless skies provided a great backdrop to their special day. A Casino-To-Go event team was delighted to provide an entertaining fun casino of three tables (roulette, black jack and dice) for the newlyweds and their guests. A great time was had by everyone, with some lucky players. The overall winner was a very young lady of some eight years old - now you know why real casinos don't allow people under 18 (or 21 in Las Vegas, Nevada) to play! Our congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Bampfield and we wish them a long and happy marriage.

Ryan's Recruitment Rave


Ryan McKinlay, owner of Premier Recruitment of Southampton, celebrated in style on Saturday with a big birthday bash celebrating the big '30' and another successful year for his recruitment agency. Ryan enjoyed the company of his friends, family and employees at the Quindell Golf and Country Club - a prestigious and well planned venue near Fareham and Portsmouth, Hampshire. Ryan had planned a number of entertainments for his guests including the superb live contemporary music of OluShola. Casino-To-Go was engaged to provide fun casino gaming tables and a range of 007 theme graphics and props for the big event. From a start of 500 Funs (our fun money demonination), a chap called Tim was the lucky winner with a total of 36,400 Funs won in the 3 hours of play. Well done Tim and enjoy the prize (a week in a holiday villa in Spain).

Jason's Big Fun Birthday


The guests were enjoying Pims on the lawn. The sky over Chesterfield was clear and the sun was shining. Suddenly, the noise of a fast approaching helicopter broke the tranquility of the gorgeous Saturday afternoon. It swept in across the field and approached the hotel lawn, hovering briefly before Bond for a day - arriving by helicopter on the lawn at Ringwood Hall Hotel, Chesterfield a perfect touchdown. Out stepped Jason Plews and immediately staff from the excellent Ringwood Hall Hotel were on hand with an ice-cool Vodka Martini, (shaken, not stirred). The perfect beginning of a birthday to remember.

Jason was "Bond for a day" and this was just the start of a stunning, fun-filled party. Jason had selected Casino-To-Go to provide a fun casino and James Bond theming for his special birthday. We were delighted and it was fun decorating parts of the sumptuous Ringwood Hall Hotel with silk flame-effect lights, 007 film strips, and giant James Bond cards featuring all of the aces. Happy birthday Jason and many happy returns!

Casino Party Fun for Wiltshire Yeomanry


Casino-To-Go was proud to be involved in providing great entertainment for the officers and men of the Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry (Prince of Wales' Own), a key part of the Territorial Army. With so many of our troops, part-time and regular, involved in deployments on operations around the World, it's more important than ever that they have fun in their recreation time. Our casino games provided with some great fun with (for once) no real risks. We at Casino-To-Go wish them good luck and safe journeys wherever they go.

Red Carpet Treatement for IX Supply Regiment, RLC!


Guests enjoying roulette table at IX Supply regiment Las Vegas party Recently home from Afghanistan, IX Supply Regiment, Royal Logistics Corps have been getting used to life back at home. Their base at Buckley Barracks, Hulavington here in Wiltshire became host to a party extravaganza as they celebrated their return. And that's where we came in. Casino-To-Go provided 5 fun casino tables and Vegas props for their Las Vegas Casino themed evening. It was great fun for all who attended and guests enjoyed the risky delights of Casino War, Roulette, Black Jack and Caribbean Stud Poker with Vegas style. And what's Las Vegas without Elvis? So of course 'Elvis' was there to do a few of his greatest hits. The red carpet and barriers at the entrance provided the guys and girls with that VIP touch - justly deserved. Welcome home!

All New Packages Launched


What our clients want, our clients get! In response to requests to make planning an event a little easier, we've launched a series of event packages to suit specific requirements. Initially the packages are for:-

  • Weddings
  • Graduation Balls
  • Company Christmas Parties and Corporate Events

We'll add more as people request them so, if you have an idea about a party theme, get in touch.

Sheldon School Leavers' Ball - Congratulations and Good Luck!


Chuck-A-Luck dice table at Sheldon School Leavers' Ball or For the third year running, Casino-To-Go has provided fun casino services to Sheldon School in Chippenham, Wiltshire. Their 2008 Leavers' Ball (or Graduation Ball as it's sometimes called) was a big success. They had a great time playing casino games including Roulette, Black Jack and Dice. As with any casino, there were only a few players who did really well so we hope they learned that real gambling is a mug's game! The venue was Grittleton House, Wiltshire which has a great deal of the atmosphere of Harry Potter's school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Hogwarts.

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