Fast and Furious Dice Game - Chuck-A-Luck

This game will set any party alight. A fast, fun and exciting dice game that's been around for many years. Highly popular in the larger American casinos and often selected as a much easier alternative to American Craps.  Great used as on of a set of games at any event.

Players wager on how the three dice will fall. Payouts depend on the numbers shown on the dice. Players can play directly on a number, place a 'high' bet, a 'low' bet or 'play the field'. Whatever they play, you can be sure they'll be having fun. Our dealers help the players and explain anything they need to know.

Have a look at our Downloads section for more details of the game. We provide full game rules and guides for your use.

 Dice Game (Chuck-A-Luck)
  • 8 Player casino Chuck-A-Luck table, padded arm rest, embedded chip tray.
  • 1,000 quality numbered casino chips
  • Casino Chuck-A-Luck dice cage
  • rules and playing guide
  • individual player QuickPrompt guides
  • Fully trained, polite and engaging croupier to run the table for 3 hours
chuck-a-luck table layout

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 Last modified: July 30 2009.