Casino War

Casino War is undoubtedly a simple but exciting game. Ideal for a fun casino event.  Up to seven players compete against the dealer.  Each player makes their bet and is dealt a card and the dealer gets one too. 

Who has the highest card?  If you beat the dealer, you win.  If your card is lower than the dealer's, you lose.  If you match the dealer, then you have a choice: surrender (lose half your bet) or got to war.  If you got to war, you place an additional bet and get another card.  The dealer also gets another card.  Who wins now?  And so the game continues.  A fast paced and exciting game.

Casino War (Gold)
  • Casino War table for 7 players
  • 500 numbered casino quality clay chips
  • Dealer's 6 deck card shoe
  • 6 deck discard holder
  • 6 decks of quality playing cards
  • rules and playing guide
  • individual player QuickPrompt guides
  • personal markers (each player gets fun credit if they run out of chips)
  • Forfeit cards (if they use their markers, there has to be a cost!)
  • Croupier (dealer) to run the table for 3 hours


Players at the Casino War gaming table

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 Last modified: July 30 2009.